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Our vision is the empowerment for all individuals, regardless of special needs, with technology-based systems and tools that serve as a continuously improving contributor to the evolution of equitable societies.

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“My brain works differently than some people. MyGuide lessons are built the way my brain thinks. It helps me be more independent by allowing me to make choices and reminds me what to do if I get stuck on something. On each page there is a set of instructions that can be customized to help me complete whatever I want help with, and when I’m finished with that step, I just swipe to the left and it gives me a new step. I send MyGuide reports to my mom, so she knows I’m doing my stuff and when I want help.”

A collage of individuals using MyGuide on various devices.
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Cognitive Access and Inclusivity

Designed with a special emphasis on cognitive access, MyGuide combines a pre-programmed standard mobile device with customizable software to deliver personalized technological prompting and supported self-expression, precisely when and where the consumer needs it, across settings, including home, community, work, and school.

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Self-Determination with TechMentor Tools

The MPower Me TechMentor program trains advocates to use personalized assistive technology tools to coach consumers through their own self-determination journey that includes a wide range of accommodations for all disabilities, including cognitive deficits.

An infographic showing how MPowerMe advances self-advocacy through goal setting and reporting, self-understanding through personal needs and preferences, and self-sufficiency through prioritize independent skills.  It is a cycle with self-advocacy leading to self-understanding leading to self-sufficiency and back to self-advocacy.

TechMentors empower consumers in 3 steps:

  1. What do you want to do more independently?
  2. What tech-enabled accommodations do you need?
  3. Who do you want to share your progress with?
A graphic showing the MyGuide user with arrows leading to and from family, and arrows to and from teacher, provider, and job coach back to the user.
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Links and Downloads

Download the App: MyGuide by MPowerMe

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