Clear2Connect Coalition

Clear2Connect logo, Protecting the right to communicate. Text reads “Proud to support NCIL’s 2020 Annual Conference. The Clear2 Connect Coalition is a group of organizations from across the U.S. working together to protect the right for Americans with hearing loss to communicate via Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS), also known as captioned telephone service. Three photos overlap next to text. First one is of Coalition members sitting in a row, presenting at a Congressional briefing. The second is of Coalition members standing in front of the Federal Communications Commission. And the third is of Coalition members outside a representative’s office.

What is the Clear2Connect Coalition?

The Clear2Connect Coalition is a group dedicated to preserving the right for Americans with hearing loss to access the technology they need to communicate using a phone – as is their right under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The Coalition’s mission is to educate about the importance of Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS) and provide a strong, unified voice before Congress and others to urge the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to preserve access to this essential service.

What is captioned telephone service?

Captioned telephone service, otherwise known as Internet Protocol Captioned Telephone Service (IP CTS), enables people with hearing loss to speak during a phone call and then read captions on a captioned telephone or app when the other person responds. Cutting-edge speech recognition technology, along with skilled transcribers, empowers this live service. People get real-time transcriptions of conversations on their phones, which is vitally important to ensure accuracy, especially when users speak with health care providers, emergency responders, and others sharing specific information.

Who is part of the Clear2Connect Coalition?

Clear2Connect Coalition membership is comprised of a diverse range of organizations whose work involves advocating for the rights of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing communities, including veterans service organizations and disability and aging advocacy groups, as well as industry associations and educational and research institutions.

What are the Clear2Connect Coalition’s guiding principles?

To ensure the Clear2Connect Coalition effectively advocates for the interests of the d/Deaf and hard of hearing communities, all Coalition operations and activities will be rooted in trust and executed with teamwork. First, it is important for members to expect and respect that Coalition discussions are confidential. Second, while Coalition members may not agree on all issues, it is key to remember that our work is guided by our shared mission to provide a unified voice around the right to access telecommunications services.

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